Frazer Hines and weddings

adricalzarian replied to your post: I love Twelve being a dick.


I only heard about every other line of dialogue, at best, so I gave up half way through, but there were some wonderfully dickish lines of dialogue I managed to get anyway.

I love Twelve being a dick.

Argh, my stream is lagging terribly.


A pair of Golden Retrievers :)


Frazer with horses…

tuppence-beresford replied to your post: Tempted to try and construct a Time Lo…

we will need the pictures :D

Of course! If I ever finish…

alljustletters replied to your post: Tempted to try and construct a Time Lo…

i made a cheap one out of cardboard and that workes out pretty well. might want to try the same if you don’t have much funds :3

Thanks, I might try that. (Because as I discovered yesterday, when helping my grandmother move things around, if there is anything my house is full of, it is cardboard boxes.)

stevetheicecube replied to your post: Tempted to try and construct a Time Lo…

If you make one could you say how you do it? I want to do a Time Lord but have no idea how.

Well, as alljustletters said, for a more basic one (and if you don’t need it to be all that durable), then cardboard should work, but I’ve seen people do it with foam, which is probably a great deal more sturdy.


Some of my favourite behind-the-scenes moments from the Second Doctor’s era.


Strong contender for best photo ever right here, from Sophie Aldred’s twitter.


Finally doing a cosplay from my favourite era… Victoria!
I need a few finishing touches still like adding fur to the cloak but i’m so happy with this!!