Blake’s 7 Meme

Seven Episodes: Aftermath. The first episode of series three. Also the first episode, during which, my mind did not wander at all. I was gripped throughout. A great story, action packed. Twists and turns and the cliffhanger at the end … great. Granted, the fact that it was really an Avon led story might have had something to do with it. Add the fact that it’s Dayna’s first story and she kicks all kinds of ass … Just awesome all around.


One of the first challenges I faced in Episode 6 was making an animatable Fourth Doctor scarf in miniature.

Inside the scarf is an armature made of aluminum wire wrapped in heavy aluminum foil. This allows the scarf to be posed in gravity defying ways.

I found a series 17 scarf pattern online and printed it out to scale. Even in miniature, it is 23 inches long.

The armature was covered with knit fabric salvaged from an old shirt

I painted the scarf pattern on, using masking tape to keep it neat.

The finished scarf is actually long enough to wrap around my neck. 

my hobbitquotes


Miles Richardson in Bulman

(He actually looks kind of cute here despite the mustache.)



Well now. There goes any chance I once had of being able to reproduce. You can all blame Lad for this. Lad and that sinfully attractive bastard there.▲


withnail and i (1987), bruce robinson




So can you name your demon?
Understand it’s scheming
I raise my glass and say “Here’s to you”

Can you chase your demon?
Or will it take your freedom?
I raise my glass and say “Here’s to you”

So whatever makes you see
Makes you believe
And forget about the premonition you need to conceive
The images they sell are Illusion and Dream
In other words dishonesty

- POETS OF THE FALL - Illusion & Dream 中 -

The devil may smile with an angels face
A cat may be stolen of its grace
They say it’s just a matter of time and place

A man may be less than an animal
The antichrist write up the honor roll
The tightrope walker take the final fall
(at his house, in the bathroom, on a holiday, and that’s in the news)

Oh, the things you see
Makes ignorance bliss for you and me, yeah,
When arrogance does publicity,
Smiling happily

It’s a merry go round and around and around
- POETS OF THE FALL - Sorry Go ‘Round 中 -

spoopychristinedaae submitted:

Lenny Von Dohlen in Electric Dreams.

(i think Red Dwarf was the only thing he was in with a moustache)