exactly-who replied to your photo:Haha!
I bought him with Sarah because I’m a lazy nugget

No, no, this is K9+ from the expert level that was released today. (I’ve already unlocked anything that you can get as a drop in a regular level. I have spent…far too many hours on this game.)

I like how the Doctor writes ‘Irving’ in quotation marks in Short Trips, like he can’t even bring himself to take the name seriously. :D

Well, it is an awfully human sounding name. (Apparently it was actually a fairly popular name in the US in the late 1800s-early 1900s.) I do have to wonder where he picked it up from. Certainly none of the other Time Lords seem to have more than one (very long) name. So the origin of “Irving” is actually something I’ve been wondering about for a while.

Bernice Summerfield:  
Well? What about that, IRVING?

Irving Braxiatel:  
I do wish you'd stop saying Irving in such an ironic tone.

Bernice Summerfield:  
Well, how about Braxipoo? Or maybe Braxibaby. Or... Braxikins!

Oh god, the Bernice Summerfield season two theme song just started playing in this audio. (No, computer, I do not agree with your choice of “funky” music. Somehow I don’t think Benny does either.)

You're the master!

Irving Braxiatel:  
I sincerely hope not.

Don’t fret. I mean—you don’t think I’m short of funds, do you? Not when I have such an extensive wardrobe of splendidly handcrafted suits. Not to mention my shoes.
— Irving Braxiatel, Everybody Loves Irving



The Faceless Ones: Episode 1

I feel like having read The Picture of Dorian Gray all the way through might have helped in listening to this audio.