Alex Macqueen, To Leech (2013).

Seventh Doctor:  
Who do we know who's raving mad, racketing through space and time, and obsessed with causing trouble?

Apart from you, you mean?


my fondness for steve carlsberg has increased by at LEAST 500%. every word between him and cecil was golden.

also, he reminds me of my dad, which sort of influenced how i see him, haha.

anywho, here’s some more old oak doors stuff.


"Your heart is young too, Doctor."

The Aztecs (episode 2 - Warriors of Death) - Season 01 - 1964



Companion sketch #24: Dorothy “Ace” McShane


Companion sketch #16: Izzy and Kroton

"The Tub Full of Cats! That sounds cute!"

This is Big Finish. Why did I ever think a cute title was a good sign? Because it wasn’t. It really, really wasn’t. All it signified was pain.

Anonymous asked:
How about Travis 1 and Travis 2?

Send me a ✍ and a character and I’ll draw the character horribly on MS Paint.

Blake’s 7


Okay I know this isn’t a show that’s big in America but I really like it anyway. Its an older Sci-fi written by Terry Nation. This character, Kerr Avon, was my favorite. Yeah it’s got some cheesy graphics and its definitely got some flaws but, I really enjoy the show and it has a lot of merits. So I did this quick pic in a more comic book style. Hope you guys enjoy. :D